Wolverine Claws

Hugh Jackman Wolverine Claws Wolverine Origins

Matrix Revolutions

Matrix Revolutions, The – Miniature Sentinel


Critter from the original Critters

Alien Resurrection

Original Alien Resurrection Warrior Hero Head Mask

Hero Pink Ranger Morpher

Power Rangers Hero Pink Ranger Morpher

Hero Blue Ranger Power Coin

Power Rangers Hero Blue Ranger Power Coin

“Hero” Critter Head

“Hero” Critter Head Critters 2

Critters 2 Critter

From Critters 2, your very own “FrankenCritter”

Critter Puppet Head

Critter Puppet Head used for Closeups

Critter Screen-used Leg

Critters 2 Critter Single Screen-used Leg

Sleestack Head

Land of the Lost – Sleestack Head

Bridge Ship Section

Bridge Ship Section from Passengers

Hero Grappling Gun

Resident Evil 5 Alice (Milla Jovovich) Hero Grappling Gun

Circular Gun Grenade

Resident Evil 5 Hero Circular Gun Grenade

Spider-Man Webbing

Custom Spider-Man Webbing Display


Harry Potter Robe

Hufflepuff Student Robe from Harry Potter Films

American Werewolf in London

American Werewolf in London (1981) Production Poster

Grinch Custom Display

How the Grinch Stole Christmas Grinch Custom Display

Hawkman Hand Grenade

Hawkman Hand Grenade from Flash Gordon (1980)


Arborian Crossbow

Arborian Crossbow from Flash Gordon (1980)

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