Hero Prop has quickly and very firmly established itself to offer some of the best and most sort after original movie props and wardrobe. Here is just a small sample of our more iconic pieces we have had over the years and worthy of our “Hall of Fame”.

 The front is affixed with a visor-housing which reads “Fly the Friendly Skies” in white lettering, a nod to the custom markings military personnel frequently applied to their gear in the Vietnam-era, which heavily influenced Aliens. This helmet screen matches to the scene where Ferro first pilots the Bug Stomper dropship. 

The Starship Defiant miniature was designed by illustrator James Martin under the direction of production designer Herman Zimmerman and visual effects supervisor Gary Hutzel. The model was constructed by Tony Meininger. In the show, the ship was designed as a prototype defensive weapon against the Borg, but it saw extensive combat duty during the Dominion War.

Cockpit can be removed to reveal internal wiring for cockpit, wings and engines (electronics untested). The miniature was designed with multiple mounting points built into the sides, rocket engines and beneath the craft, featuring panel covers when not in use. Mounted on custom wheeled base utilizing the shuttle engine mounting.